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Bathroom radiators as well as designer radiators are used primarily to heating a room. Nevertheless, they still need to be following further requirements:

1. Energy Efficient

KALOR offers a wide range of bathroom and design radiators, all of which have a high efficiency and their heating values are reported in accordance with EN442.

In addition to the connection to the central heating, an electric mode or mixed mode is possible on many models.

2. Shapely

The new series of bathroom radiators was the target to reduce the design to clear shapes without compromise. By using exclusively of square tubes emerged radiator that cannot be the main focus, but fit perfectly into any bathroom.

Proven course was taken: Large distances to the towel recording, types electric and mixed (partial), medium connection 50 mm (in part) as well as the availability of products in all RAL colors.

3. Space-saving

With the new design radiator series also the idea was born to realize the design only of rectangular tubes. So real purism. And the ease of cleaning also is not too short. Thus, space-saving design radiators such as panel radiators that optimally fit into any living situation arose.

4. Different sizes and colors

The radiators are to be used and available, ie blend into any home environment in different sizes and all RAL colors. Are high heat performance required, the products come with double mounting depth for use.

5. High quality

For the production of all radiators only proven quality materials are used, which are processed using modern production methods and their coloring is achieved by environmentally-friendly electrostatic powder coatings. Each individual radiator is subjected to a leak test at 1.5 times the maximum operating pressure.

6. Interchangeability, bespoke and special construction

Nowadays, with the renovation of spaces (eg bathroom) with replacement of the radiator, great emphasis is placed on ensuring that the costs remain minimal and precede the work quickly.

For this purpose KALOR offers a range of replacement radiators, whose terminals are either old standards or can be chosen freely.

Even for difficult build environments there is a solution, namely the bespoke and special applications with short delivery times.