Heating strip wall convector



  • Heating
  • Alternatively, aluminum or steel convector
  • Stabile steel fairing
  • May be coupled at large lengths, fittings mitred
  • Cabling and sockets integrated
  • Available in all RAL colors:  RAL color palette

Designed to produce a rapid heat release. Due to the low water content, the strip can be heated quickly. Comfort depends not only on the air temperature. The thermal radiation is also a decisive factor for our well-being.

Cold radiation from walls and windows is suppressed rapidly by the heating. A heat haze on the edges creates a barrier curtain that this cold air radiation shields. The effect is optimal when the thermal skirting can be installed on the entire outer wall along. Baseboards that will create nearly uniform temperature throughout the room and therefore, the solution for a comfortable indoor climate.

Here you can download the data sheet with all sizes and calorific values: