Thermitor high performance convector



  • High heat output
  • High performance convector for high pressure / temperature
  • Rugged steel convector
  • Undisguised
  • For high pressure (model H)

The compact KALOR Thermitor convector is a powerful and robust steel-coil with the applied in resistance welding steel plates.

Advantages of this rather complex manufacturing process are the permanent and stable connection of the core tube and fins. By the same steel material have connected this way parts of the same expansion coefficient. This guarantees the best heat transfer and a fatigue-free connection with constant heat capacities and a long life with no pops. Thermitor convectors have an operating pressure up to 10 bar.

In undisguised and lacquered for technical, functional areas, such as churches, industrial buildings, built-in ducts. In the galvanized radiators are ideal for greenhouses.

Here you can download the data sheet with all sizes and calorific values: