Thermitor V standing convector



  • High heat output
  • Rugged steel convector with steel hood (model V)
    Copper - Aluminum heating element (Model VC)
  • Energy Savers
  • Easy to clean
  • Various sizes available
  • Available in all RAL colors:  RAL color palette

The KALOR Thermitor-V radiator is fitted with the steel Thermitor convector, but has an attractive, removable steel panel with decorative lattice (hood). Due to its smooth shape, it fits perfectly shaped in every ambience.

Technically he is so versatile that it works in any heating system.
It can be easily combined with other heaters. The removable panel first, only the resistant steel convection heaters are installed and after completion of construction, the panel set up. This eliminates the time-consuming, double assembly and disassembly of the radiator and costly damage to the high-quality paint surface can be avoided. Also can be amended at any time a new interior design by simply repaint the trim with a new color of Thermitor-V.

The Thermitor-V is specially designed for installation on glass surfaces.
Despite its compact design, it has a significant heat output. Therefore, it is ideal for catching the cold air and prevent condensation in large areas of glass.

The Thermitor-V thus ensuring a comfortable and pleasant room climate. He has no measurable radiation component, neither leads to thermal stresses in the window still need a radiation shield. The low water content is the Thermitor-V is a "faster" and more energy efficient radiator that can be regulated excellent and immediately responds when heat is required.

Here you can download the data sheet with all sizes and calorific values:


Thermitor VC has the same properties as the Thermitor V.
As a heating element copper-aluminum heating elements are used.
There are different versions with standard wall or standard consoles available. In the VCF version the connection lines are covered with the shapely legs.