Vario-the step standing convector



  • High heat output
  • Walk-in stage, ideally suited to balcony doors
  • With aluminum panel removable grate
  • Length to measure
  • Roll or linear grid for easy cleaning
  • Available in all RAL colors:  RAL color palette

The Vario-step is a walk-stable covering for the Thermitor convector. The ideal application is given anywhere where parapets are present beneath a large window fronts and the Vario-step directly into the wall, or detached before they are installed, it can be. The variable depth of 200 - 400 mm, the Vario-step is also ideal for the custom-fit installation in niches. The surface in a technically high-quality anodized aluminum grill in various anodized colors to match most modern architecture and public buildings. The freely on the grid can be easily removed for cleaning of the radiator. The Vario-step, together with the proven KALOR Thermitor convector an attractive, thermally perfect symbiosis.

Here you can download the data sheet with all sizes and calorific values: