Variofloor VF floor duct convector



  • High heat output
  • Floor duct convector, customizable in height
    Used for raised floors and object area
  • Rugged steel convector without fins
  • Easy to clean
  • Air source connection possible

The KALOR Variofloor VF floor duct system was specially developed for the commercial sector often used elevated floors.

It is a modular system with many possible combinations. Variofloor floor duct systems can be used depending on the model and heating demand as the main heating, the cold air from glass surfaces, the residual heat and cover with spring air connection.

The Variofloor VF enables a variety of combinations and can be adjusted precisely by means of delivery to the level of the double bottom. The bottom channel support system is available in standard heights up to 955 mm. Variofloor VF floor duct systems are equipped with sturdy steel Thermitor convectors. Roll and linear grids technically anodized aluminum rectangular tube, stainless steel rectangle tube metallblankem and rolling racks made of hardwood with matching angle frame to complement our program.

Here you can download the data sheet with all sizes and calorific values: